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The Invisible Man


The Invisible Man



The publication contains the whole chapter 1 of 1897 book “The invisible man” written by Herbert George Wells. This chapter includes the start of how Griffin (the invisible man) becomes invisible and live in the inn to do more experiment. After the lady owner found out, he started to reveal himself
then make the whole town more chaotic.

Therefore, I aim to challenge myself and play around with invisibility for design purposes. The concept makes the readers physically feel the texture and reveals the character rather than just a graphic visual. Thus, I rely on paper texture (linen paper) and emboss and deboss techniques. I specifically picked linen paper because Griffin goes everywhere, covering with bandage to hide his invisibility, and linen paper has the closest bandage texture.

Moreover, I sought to do something related to science and some sort of puzzle. For instance, the poster folding into the booklet (puzzle), and I applied some glow ink which glowed in the dark to reveal the character (science). Furthermore, I used a lot of spot UV printing to show the contrast and add depth to the surface.

Finally, for the theme, I aim to make it experimental, a bit of fun (science related), and mysterious. The items will include a book, one folding booklet, a lab ticket, and a card (story guidebook).

For each item, there will be purposes. There will be 150 limited editions with two tickets that can access “The invisible lab.” As a result, there will be a book in the package that will write a whole story about chapter 1. The limited tickets that can able to access the laboratory. The folding booklet shows the invisible man’s uniform (or the audience can dress up like the invisible man) and the card, guiding and listing the important incidents and main characters in the story (spoiler alert).

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